Saturday 19 February 2011 at 7.00pm

Symphony Hall, Birmingham +44 (0)121-780 3333

City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

Andris Nelsons  conductor
Nadezhda Serdiuk  mezzo
CBSO Chorus   

Prokofiev: Alexander Nevsky 36′
Beethoven: Symphony No. 3 (Eroica) 47′

Welcome the heroes. Beethoven lived through the age of Revolution;
Prokofiev worked in Stalin’s Russia. But they both knew how to tell a
thrilling story. Alexander Nevsky may have begun as an epic war movie
set in medieval Russia, but this is one film-score that sounds even
more sensational live! Prokofiev assembles a massive orchestra and
chorus, then unleashes hell, as knights and priests clash on the ice to
ear-splitting music. Then, with two explosive chords, Beethoven blows
the world of the classical symphony wide open. There’s still no
symphony to match the sheer electricity of his revolutionary Eroica –
and no question, the real hero here is Ludwig van B himself! Andris
Nelsons’s interpretation is keenly awaited. www.cbso.co.uk

Review by Christopher Morley, Birmingham Post:


…. “and here the CBSO under the perennially galvanised Andris Nelsons delivered all its demands vibrantly and colourfully.

Equally starring was the CBSO Chorus, the Russian and Latin texts delivered with expertly-placed diction under David Lawrence’s choral direction, and mezzo-soprano Nadezhda Serdiuk was sorrowing and compassionate in her grieving, visionary solo.” …

Review (for Wednesday’s matinee performance which included Eroica) by David Hart, Birmingham Post:

…”If you share the view that Beethoven’s greatest works are a fusion of opposing forces – namely revolutionary fervour and personal angst – then Andris Nelsons’ interpretation of the Eroica Symphony hit every mark.” …

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