A Round Heeled Woman

The Play, starring multi award-winning actress Sharon GlessJane Prowse’s stage adaptation is based on Jane Juska’s book A Round-Heeled Woman: My Late-Life Adventures in Sex and Romance.

The play runs at the Aldwych Theatre, London, WC2B 4DF

until 14 January 2012.

Check out website links at http://www.aroundheeledwoman.com/ to book tickets  or click here. Also worth checking LastMinute.com for great deals on tickets for this fabulous, heart-warming, funny, poignant play. Sharon Gless is superb! The supporting cast are great too.


Sharon Gless – Jane Juska

Barry McCarthy – Jonah, Sidney, and others

Beth Cordingly – Nathalie, Miss MacKenzie, and others

Gwyneth Strong – Celia, Jane’s mother, and others

Michael Thomson – Graham, Andy, and others

Neil McCaul – Eddie, Robert, John, and others

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Blog review by Alison:

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…     “Sharon Gless was outstanding in the role. I have to admit I only really knew of her as Christine Cagney and wasn’t aware of what a varied and accomplished career she has had to date. Her character is the central focus of the play and is on stage the whole time. She’s got great comic timing, but that’s only one aspect of a complex role. She gave a very ‘real’ performance which was in turns funny, touching and heart-breaking, and which had the audience completely taken along on Jane’s journey, particularly as they were regularly addressed which lead to a very intimate feel to the play.”     …

Blog review by “TheatreandMe”:

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…     “Now onto Sharon Gless. I love her. She’s marvellous. She owns the stage. (and she’s never off it for two hours!) Every wink, every innuendo is perfectly placed, enhances the text of the play, makes you laugh at all too crass descriptions. She is a wonderful actress who is a master of the tricks of the trade.”     …